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About us

Trust for Youth and Child Leadership (TYCL) is a youth-led non-profit organization started and run by college students from Puducherry and Tamil Nadu. Its aim is to bring positive change in youth, children and their community through safe, inclusive, participative and innovative leadership models. TYCL creates safe and engaging spaces for young people and their allies to develop their whole selves (emotional, mental, spiritual, social, physical, etc.), focusing on four aspects of development:

  • Addressing local and global community issues
  • Recognizing and cultivating personal and collective power
  • Building relationship and mentorship without borders
  • Accessing the tools necessary to transform their own lives in the community and in collaboration with others

Addressing local and global community issues

Local and global issues include issues specific to a child/youth collective as well as those themes and topics chosen by the international community. This may include issues relating to children, human trafficking, violence/abuse/neglect in the home, school and community, access to clean water, etc. These issues are selected by children and youth.

Recognizing and Cultivating Personal and Collective Power

TYCL develops personal and collective power through regular meetings, trainings, workshops and experiential learning opportunities in which participants see themselves as leaders individually and as a community.

Building Relationships and Mentorship Without Borders

TYCL strives to create strong personal and interpersonal connections between participants within and beyond their local communities. This includes challenging the borders that separate us locally (i.e. age, gender, caste, community) as well as globally (i.e. nationality). This is achieved through local and international mentorship and friendship (i.e. exchange, pen pals, collaborations) with TYCL partners in India and abroad.

Accessing The Tools Necessary to Transform Their Own Lives in Community and Collaboration with Others

TYCL recognizes that changing one's life requires an ability to maneuver the existing system and imagine a new vision for one's self. To assist TYCL participants in this aim, TYCL provides tools, mentors and experiences that connect children in positive and influential ways towards transformation. These skills include self-awareness, knowledge of resources in the community, participatory research, mediation and life skills.