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Strategic Founding Partners

Baby Sarah Home (BSH) was founded in 1995 by A. P. Joseph as a unit of the Integrated Rehabilitation and Development Centre (IRDC). BSH’s services focused on the needs of mentally challenged and orphan children, and by 2004, it had established its own permanent location and could expand its services to support a much greater number. Children primarily come from impoverished families and are identified by relatives, police authorities, child and social welfare services, and other concerned volunteers. BSH’s goal is to provide disabled and orphan children with shelter, clothing, medical assistance, educational opportunity, vocational training and opportunities to realize and utilize their innate potentials. The ultimate goal of BSH is to enable these children to become independent individuals who can sustain themselves in and contribute to society. Orphan children are placed in government schools for regular education, and disabled children are supported by the Special School for Mentally Challenged Children. This school is headed by a qualified and experienced special educator who is assisted by social workers, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a music tutor, a yoga instructor, vocational trainers and care givers.
TYCL also partners with the New Era Child Collective (NECC). NECC grew out of the Marayatha Makkal Kalaingar Suresh Dharma Children Activity Centre, which was established in 2005 by college students from local villages. The Suresh Dharma CAC began as a night school for slow learners, school drop-outs and disadvantaged village students who did not have the opportunity to attend evening tuitions. Local demand and parent interest led to the expansion of the program to school-going children from multi-purpose educational centres. Suresh Dharma CAC operates between 5.00 PM and 8.30 PM every day, conducting specific tutoring for examinations, basic computer training, life skills education, child and human rights education and environmental education. They also organize cultural programmes, study tours and visits and other such co-curricular activities. Artistic talents (in music, dance, painting, theatre, writing, drawing and hobbies) are encouraged, and recreational sports activities are also offered. Special get-togethers during festival times, work camps, summer camps and student exchange programmes are arranged wherever possible, to help bring unity and understanding among rural children. Teachers at Suresh Dharma CAC are volunteer college students from local villages, self-help group motivators and associates of the Centre for Child Rights and Development (CCRD). They are not teachers by profession, but receive regular training to impart knowledge to their wards. At present we have 48 children in grades 1-10, of which 21 are girls and all come from very poor family backgrounds. Currently, Suresh Dharma CAC uses the village temple and one community hall to conduct our courses. They are in need of volunteer teachers of English, other languages, course subjects, and artistic talents, as well as financial or material aid towards the students’ learning and recreation. Please visit us and help support this noble cause. All are welcome!
Samugam is a non-profit, community-based organization that was founded in 1991 by Mr. C. Jesudhasan Savio, and is supported by the Degryse family in Belgium. Mr. Savio’s son, Bruno is the organization’s current director. Samugam is committed to the education of the underprivileged, the economic development of the oppressed class, the empowerment of the disabled and marginalized, and the rehabilitation of Leprosy patients and the physically challenged. Over all, Samugam is devoted to the development and reintegration of socially and economically ostracized people and underprivileged children of India. They are able to do this work with the support of donations given in cash and kinds. They are grateful for their donors and look forward to more kind hearts to join with them in the noble cause of serving the less fortunate.