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Youth Helpline

Why youth helpline ?

The youth suicide rate in Pondicherry is 4 times greater than the national average. Research shows that the primary causes for suicide in Pondicherry are academic and romantic failure and alcoholism, but in many cases, causes for the suicides cannot be identified. This suggests that troubled youths lack safe spaces where they can share their concerns and confide in professionals. Thus, TCYL endeavored to establish a medium for at-risk youth to seek counseling from experts in medical institutions (including JIPMER) and professionals in career guidance, bank loan support and entrepreneurship.

The Youth Helpline was founded for this purpose. It is a confidential and anonymous connection that troubled or concerned youth and young adults in Pondicherry can call to share their problems, needs and priorities. Helpline assistants are available from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM, 365 days a year to assist youth in finding possible solutions. +91 96555 07090

Youth Counselling

Our Counsellors are trained professionals (from JIPMER) with the skills necessary to assist young people in identifying coping strategies to deal with issues associated with suicide, depression and self-harm.

Educational Loan Support

We offer support for obtaining educational loans and information about how to get a bank loan, including all necessary instructions and requirements, which banks offer loans at low interest rates, which banks are more supportive of students’ needs and how to appropriately approach bank officials.

Career Guidance

We share information about various career opportunities for students at the 10th, 12th, UG, and PC levels, including how to get campus placement, how to search for jobs, and updates on available scholarships, fellowships, job opportunities, higher studies, etc.

Youth Entrepreneurship

With the support of Unltd TamilNadu Pvt Ltd, we offer opportunities for youth to develop their leadership skills and access resources and professional connections to realize their potential as young social and economic entrepreneurs.